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Students travel grants

Each year the Swiss Zoological Society offers several travel grants to its active student members (Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D.) to attend international conferences. These are only granted to members of the SSZ presenting or having presented a poster or talk during one of the annual conferences of the Swiss Society of Zoology.

The SZS only funds travel expenses and, if additional funds are available, registration cost, but not room and board. Applicants are encouraged to apply for supplementary funding from other sources. As the number of applications has increased in recent years, the board decided in 2004 to implement the following criteria, in descending order of importance:

  1. Active membership is required, i.e. at least one contribution (poster or talk) at a `biology' meeting.
  2. Previous travel grant received ? Funding of more than one grant per student unlikely.
  3. How many years in the Ph.D. program? Advanced students preferred. If Diploma or Master student, please specify.
  4. Generality & importance of the congress to be attended: more general (e.g. Evolution) is better than more specific (e.g. Malacology).
  5. Publications and prior conference attendance.
  6. SZS-membership of supervisor: please ask your supervisor to be(come) a member, as we are indirectly doing him/her a service.

To apply, please send a letter, either electronically or via post, including a Curriculum Vitae, a budget, the title and an abstract of your present or past presentation to the President of the Society (see the board page for address; e-mail OK).

Deadline for applications: 1 week before the annual meeting (February). Applicants will be notified in March or April following the meeting.