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Version of this Web Site

Change Log of this Web Site

version 0.1 : Uploaded 12.XI.2003

version 0.2 : Uploaded 17.XI.2003

version 0.3 : Uploaded 19.XII.2003

  • restructuration with sub dirs en, fr, de
  • first official version

version 0.4 : Uploaded 22.XII.2003

  • include/changelog: corrected
  • en: many editorial changes
  • fr: completed translation
  • de: partially completed translation
  • docs: membership PDFs online

version 0.5 : Uploaded 22.XII.2003

  • version.txt, errordocs/*: corrected title
  • set up META keywords
  • removed META link ICON
  • en/membership.htm: small text changes
  • sendappli.php: change language links to link to membership.html; added "$sszform"; translated
  • language links: written in their own language
  • fr/grants.html: untranslated menu entry
  • de: logo corrected
  • news included

version 0.6 : Uploaded 27.XII.2003

  • cosmetic change to "news" title (CSS: word-spacing) [ONLINE: 22.XII.2003 10pm]
  • added some missing ALT attributes for IMGs
  • en/sendappli.php: small typo
  • de: translation completed
  • {de,fr,en}/grants.html: text change
  • LINK:start: starts on the en index
  • de/news.html: written in english, waiting for translation
  • TAIL: minor change in webmaster description

version 1.0 : Uploaded 1.IV.2004

  • sendappli.php correct missing '}' on line 170 [ONLINE 14.I.2004]
  • all pages: bg3-ie.png -> bg4-ie.png (bigger)
  • all pages: added "Links" to the menu
  • added page "links.htm"
  • changes to {de,en,fr}/{news,grants,meetings}.htm

subsequent online changes

  • vice-president updated [ONLINE 18.V.2004 15:30]

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